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Blackbutt Nature Reserve

About Blackbutt Nature Reserve

Covering 182 hectares, Blackbutt Reserve is situated between New Lambton and Kotara. Lookout Road bounds the north and west of the reserve, while Carnley Avenue marks its southern border. Over the years, the reserve has evolved from displaying captive animals to including amenities such as barbecues and picnic tables. 
In 2014, while constructing a new amenity building, an old brick-lined mine shaft dating back to the 19th century was unexpectedly uncovered at the Carnley Avenue Recreation Area. This particular section of the reserve, known as Richley Reserve, was named after Joe Richley, the president of the Northern Parks and Playground Movement, due to his significant involvement in preserving the reserve.

Blackbutt Nature Reserve

What  to do at Blackbutt Nature Reserve

An undulating natural environment called Blackbutt Reserve offers various features such as peaceful picnic settings with electric and wood fire barbecues, open spaces, nature trails, and a diverse range of habitats and ecosystems. In addition, there are modern and spacious wildlife exhibits that allow visitors to have a close view of animals like koalas, wombats, native birds, emus, and kangaroos.

During your visit to Blackbutt Reserve, you can enjoy various wildlife feeding and reptile shows. To stay informed about these shows, please refer to the website for the latest updates. Additionally, while you’re there, you can stop by the Blackbutt Kiosk to gather information or to buy tea, coffee, drinks, snacks, and a variety of Australian souvenirs.

Blackbutt Nature Reserve

One local company in Newcastle that is involved with this tourist attraction site is:

Website: Newcastle Pergolas

Address: 3/82 Selwyn Street Merewether NSW 2291

Phone: (02) 4003 6075