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About Merewether Edward Christopher Merewether, the owner of the Burwood Estate, gave his name to the suburb of Merewether. The Church of England parish church, St. Augustine, was built on Llewellyn Street and the expenses were covered by Mr. Edward Merewether.…

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King Edward Park

About King Edward Park In 1863, King Edward Park was established as a recreation reserve. The park encompasses various attractions such as a bowling green, the Obelisk, and a Victorian rotunda. It offers breathtaking views of the ocean and is adorned with…

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Nobbys Beach

About Nobbys Beach Experience the best of Newcastle's beaches at Nobbys Beach - our city's most famous spot for families, beginner surfers, and even the local dolphins. Enjoy a fun-filled day with the perfect combination of a pristine shoreline and a public…

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Bogey Hole

About Bogey Hole The Bogey Hole, located at the foot of Shepherds Hill in Newcastle, has a rich history and geological significance. The area boasts sandstone and conglomerate rocks that are typical of the coastal areas of the Hawkesbury Sandstone deposit…

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Fort Scratchley

About Fort Scratchley Located in Newcastle East, a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia, Fort Scratchley is a museum that was once a coastal defence installation. Built in 1882 as a precautionary measure against a potential Russian assault, the site's…

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