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Newcastle Ocean Baths

About Newcastle Ocean Baths

Opened in 1922, Newcastle Ocean Baths and Merewether Baths are two ocean bath facilities located on the pristine coastline of Newcastle. These popular swimming spots have a long history and are open year-round for the community’s enjoyment. Merewether Baths was established in 1935, following the success of Newcastle Ocean Baths. Fortunately, the residents of Newcastle are blessed with these two facilities, which allow them to take pleasure in swimming in the ocean all year round.

The availability of the Merewether Baths is dependent on maintenance and cleaning, but they are open throughout the year. Our aim is to strike a balance between cleanliness and accessibility, so we take care of managing and maintaining these facilities. Currently, the baths are cleaned on a weekly basis, and you can find the specific schedule under Documents.

Newcastle Ocean Baths

What to do at Newcastle Ocean Baths

Throughout the year, we monitor the water quality of four ocean baths: Merewether Main Pool, Merewether Learners Pool, Canoe Pool, and Newcastle Ocean Baths. The cleanliness of these facilities is greatly affected by the temperature and usage of the water. In summer, the warmer water causes algae to grow rapidly, leading to an unpleasant accumulation on the walls in the splash zone. Despite the pool’s unclean appearance, regular testing shows that the water quality is suitable for public swimming. It is important to mention that the water quality is influenced by the inherent quality of the ocean water and the presence of debris.

Council staff work within numerous constraints to achieve a balance between the availability and cleanliness of both Ocean Baths facilities. They continuously monitor the cleanliness of the facilities and the water levels in the pool. They need to flush out the water in the pool to maintain an acceptable level, but they also face the risk of introducing discoloured water from the ocean.

Newcastle Ocean Baths

One local company in Newcastle that is involved with this tourist attraction site is:

Website: Newcastle Pergolas

Address: 3/82 Selwyn Street Merewether NSW 2291

Phone: (02) 4003 6075