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Merewether Ocean Baths

About Merewether Ocean Baths

Both Newcastle and Merewether in Newcastle are lucky to have two Ocean Baths facilities that are open all year round for the public to enjoy. These bathing spots have a rich history and have been popular for swimming for many years. The Newcastle Ocean Baths were established in 1922, while the Merewether Baths were opened in 1935.

The Merewether Baths are available for use throughout the year, although maintenance and cleaning are necessary. We strive to strike a balance between keeping the facilities open and maintaining their cleanliness. Currently, the baths undergo weekly cleaning, and you can find the specific schedule in the Documents section.

Merewether Ocean Baths

What to do at Merewether Ocean Baths

Merewether Main Pool, Merewether Learners Pool, Canoe Pool, and Newcastle Ocean Baths are the four ocean baths that we monitor for water quality throughout the year. The cleanliness of these facilities is determined by the water temperature and usage. In summer, the warmer water speeds up algae growth, causing an unsightly buildup on the walls in the splash zone. Although this may make the pool appear dirty, regular testing shows that the water quality is suitable for public swimming. It is important to mention that the water quality is affected by the natural condition of the ocean water and the presence of debris.

Council staff work within various constraints to maintain a balance between the cleanliness of Ocean Baths facilities and the need to flush out the water in the pool. They continuously monitor the facilities to ensure the water is at an acceptable level, while also considering the risk of introducing discoloured water from the ocean. Achieving a balance between availability and cleanliness is their goal.

Merewether Ocean Baths

One local company in Newcastle that is involved with this tourist attraction site is:

Website: Newcastle Pergolas

Address: 3/82 Selwyn Street Merewether NSW 2291

Phone: (02) 4003 6075