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King Edward Park

About King Edward Park

In 1863, King Edward Park was established as a recreation reserve. The park encompasses various attractions such as a bowling green, the Obelisk, and a Victorian rotunda. It offers breathtaking views of the ocean and is adorned with vibrant Norfolk Island pines and a sunken garden. The southern boundary of the park is home to the remains of the Shepherds Hill Battery and Gunner’s Cottage, which were utilized from 1890 to World War II. Additionally, the park holds historical significance, as it is connected to Newcastle’s penal past through the Bogey Hole, a convict-carved ocean bathing pool located at the base of the eastern cliff face. King Edward Park is a popular destination for family gatherings, featuring picnic areas and barbecues, and even serves as a movie venue during the summer months. Furthermore, the park provides recreational facilities such as a playground and public toilets.

King Edward Park, a beloved destination for many families in Newcastle, is an iconic spot. With its picturesque surroundings, such as the expansive lawn and Victorian rotunda, it is a beautiful park. Moreover, it holds historical significance, having been designated a recreation reserve in 1863. Alongside its ocean views and ample shaded areas, King Edward Park offers a playground with play equipment suitable for various age groups. Notably, the preschool playground equipment has recently been renovated.

King Edward Park

What to do at King Edward Park

The park is a popular spot with families on weekends because it is suitable for children of all ages. If you need some shade, you can spread out a blanket in the dome or under one of the large majestic Norfolk pines. There’s usually a cricket or footy game in progress! The playground, which was renovated in 2021, features new play equipment suited to preschoolers. However, parents and carers should be aware that this playground is located close to the road without any fencing, so supervision of their kids is necessary.

The new swings at King Edward Park include a baby swing, a regular swing, and a group swing, all with softer flooring for the comfort of young children. In addition, a charming new castle play structure features a ladder, a small bridge, and a small slide. This structure also includes a bridge over a moat and a slide pole. The original play equipment in the middle and top of the playground remains unchanged. Up the hill, accessible via a sway bridge, is a large climbing dome that presents a challenge for older kids. From the top of this structure, both children and their parents can enjoy breathtaking views of the park and ocean. The park offers ample free parking, electric barbecue facilities, vast park grounds, and numerous picnic tables, making it an ideal meeting place for friends and family. For those seeking an active experience, a walk up the path to the summit of King Edward Park rewards visitors with magnificent ocean views, including a distant view of Port Stephens on clear days.

King Edward Park

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