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Eaves Newcastle

Are you looking for a contractor that can help you install, repair, or replace eaves Newcastle? We are here to assist you. As a trusted contractor for a wide range of outdoor projects, Newcastle Pergolas can help you with the installation, repair, and maintenance of your house eaves and roof eaves at an affordable price. We take quality seriously. We use durable and long-lasting materials and always keep excellent workmanship in mind for every project we work on. For stylish, beautiful, and sturdy eaves that stand the test of time, we are the company to call.

Installing eaves and repairing eaves is a job that must be done by licensed and qualified experts. Allow us to assist you with eaves installation and repairs. Contact Newcastle Pergolas today for a free quote!

Why You Need House Eaves in Newcastle, NSW

Roof eaves, also called house eaves, are features that are essential in the architecture of most homes. Simply described, these are roof edges that stretch or hang over the side of a structure or building. It is the border that extends between the roof and the wall. Some have shorter widths while others are significantly larger.

While most Aussie homes are already built with house eaves, there are some homes that don’t. Yes, you can add eaves or overhangs to an existing roof. When eaves house get damaged, you can either have them repaired or replaced. Building eaves are beneficial for Newcastle houses because it can help lessen the heat entering your home. Aside from it being a great aesthetic feature, they help make your home more energy-efficient too.

Another important benefit of eaves Newcastle is that it allows rainwater to flow and run off the side of your home’s structure. Without these eaves, water will just run down on the walls. This can easily ruin the paint of your sidings, or worse, it can decrease the integrity of the wall structure that may result in leaks.


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    Beautiful and Durable Roof Eaves for Your Home

    Newcastle Pergolas has been installing roof eaves for numerous homes in Newcastle and surrounding areas in Hunter Region for decades now. We are very proud of our team of designers and builders who are knowledgeable and experienced in installing and repairing eaves of all shapes, sizes, and designs.

    For the installation of brand new eaves, we start with a consultation session. Your best interest is our top priority. We keep in mind your preferences and ideas while we also recommend some of the best options that are most suitable to your home’s overall look and structure. Experience taught us about the right materials and design to use for every condition or situation. When you work with us, you can have the confidence that your home’s eaves will not only be beautiful, but durable and long-lasting too.

    Bricks house eaves in Newcastle
    huge wood roof eaves Newcastle
    fixing house roof eaves done by Newcastle Pergolas
    bright colorful colors Newcastle house eaves

    Reasonable Prices for Eaves Newcastle

    Because of the usual complexity of installing eaves in homes, especially in projects where extending eaves of roof are involved, labour and materials for installing and replacing eaves on a house cost are usually expensive. However, as always, Newcastle Pergolas will give the best prices possible to all our clients. We make sure that our eaves Newcastle services are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality and workmanship. We source our materials from trusted suppliers so that every penny spent is worth it. Most importantly, it’s good to know that the house eaves we install in Newcastle add value to your home.

    installing wooden roof eaves in Newcastle
    nicely done house roof eaves by Newcastle Pergolas

    Newcastle Eaves Installation and Maintenance

    Installing eaves is one of our specialties. If you are looking to add eaves Newcastle to your home, whether you simply want a window eave or roof eaves, we can handle it for you.

    Replacing eaves and repairing eaves are also some of our most in-demand services. Replacing an entire roof can be too costly for some especially if the lack of eaves is the only problem. If a roof problem can be solved with an eaves installation or by extending the roof eaves of a home, then we’ll look for the best and safest way to do so.

    Aside from fixing eaves, we also work on sealing eaves and other maintenance services to keep your house eaves in great shape. The materials we use are always high-quality and long-lasting. From timber eaves to Colorbond eaves to metal roof eave flashing, we make sure that everything we use and install is durable and suitable for the home’s structure.


    “Peter and his team did a fantastic job of transforming our backyard. What it used to be a painful and high maintenance area, now is a people magnet. Just the decking allow was worth the entire investment. I work in the construction industry myself, so I know what to expect when dealing with a builder. I was utterly wrong. These guys are the top of the line. Peter came to quote and explain the process, and after a few days, we find ourself with a new backyard. The carpenters were always polite, and nothing was ever too complicated. I already refer to Pergolas Newcastle to all my family and friends. In fact, my brother already booked a new carport from them”.

    “We can’t express how much we appreciate the effort and professionalism that this building company did for our new garage. We used to have a simple metal carport canopy which these guys completely transform. Everything that Peter explain to us at the beginning was done according to the schedule. In a day, we went from carport to garage in the side of the house. We will definitely have installed another carport from this company for our second car. It’s unbelievable that we found these guys by googling “carports near me”. They were the first option”.

    “My wife and I decided to build a veranda in the open area outside our backyard. Peter came the same day we call Pergolas Newcastle for a quote. We didn’t want a timber structure. We were looking for a metal frame structure that looks professional. The first impression of family and friends coming over for a bbq was outstanding. We’ve got lots of compliment about our patio, and we know we made the right choice picking this building company”.

    Call Us for Free Quote Today!

    When you’re planning to get house eaves and roof eaves Newcastle installed in your home, make sure you’re working with licensed experts – a company that can guarantee quality workmanship and durable materials for every project. If you are from Newcastle or the surrounding communities in Hunter Region, we are here to help. Newcastle Pergolas is a trusted contractor for all outdoor projects including patios, verandahs, decks, awnings, and more. Building eaves also fall under our specialties. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team today to get a free estimate!


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